Helps to have at least one decent antenna. The KT-34 is not just decent, it is super decent.

It boasts four elements but two of them are driven. The two that are driven are phased similar ro an 8JK configuration. Input impedance is high and brought down to 50 ohms with a 4:1 balun. The driven element configuration results in gain as well as broad frequency response. Broad enough to cover the entire frequency range of 20, 15, and 10 meters. It is a tri-band beam but does not use traps. It uses linearly loaded elements to cover the three bands.

My original KT-34 was a project antenna obtained as a mess of assorted parts in a purchase of surplus antenna hardware including a damaged 20 meter single bander and seven sections of Rohn 25 tower.

The beam was reassembled and mounted on a 55 foot tilt over mast. I worked well for over ten years before the linear loading capacitor insulators finally turned to dust.

The antenna was taken down, an M2 upgrade kit was purchased and installed, the antenna was reinstalled to the mast and is now working as well as it ever did.

The KT-34 is priced at $1200 today and it is well worth every penny. A good amplifier will also set you back $1200 but the beam will ‘amplify’ the receive signals as well as the transmitted signal. You get more bang for the buck by investing in the beam first.