Software Defined Radios (SDR)

When Ten Tec came out with the Pegasus I just had to have one. The Pegasus was and early SDR. Still pricey but less than other SDR options. The Pegasus was just an average 100 watt transceiver. The only special thing about it was that it required a computer to make it work. It also contained more than just the average number of relays inside to make it work properly. I don’t much care for relays. I can’t remember when I had a good experience with relays. These cumbersome mechanical contraptions are a constant source of problems.

I soon tired of having to dedicate a computer to the Peagasus. listen to the constna clatter of relays and lack of real knobs to twist had me selling the thing mere months after the purchase.

The radio may be software defined but its performance is still limited by hardware.