High power antenna solution for 75 meters

This is not a DX solution. Your best chance of working DX on 75 is to use some sort of vertical because it is costly to build beams for 75 and even more costly to get them to a height where they can be effective.

The system described here would be useful in providing omnidirectional coverage out to as much as 1000 miles to provide effective communications for a net control function on 75 meters.

The feedline is coax with RG8 preferred. Suitable RF choking on the feedline to prevent feedline radiation may be helpful. The antenna requires a mast height of approximately 55 feet to allow an inverted vee configuration with an included angle of 90 degrees between legs.

Each leg of the dipole is 55 feet long and there are two legs per side for a total of four 55 foot legs. The frequency response of the system can be adjusted by varying the distance between the lower ends of each leg pair. Starting distance goal of three feet is good. This installation with a 3 foot distance between lower ends resulted in a 1.5:1 SWR bandwidth from 3.75 to 3.99 mhz. Increasing the distance between leg ends lowers the frequency response while increasing SWR bandwidth somewhat.

The end result is an antenna system for 75 meters that can easily accommodate power levels in excess of 1000 watts while keeping RF levels at the operating position to a minimum.

Yes, this is a cloud burner with a 90 degree take-off angle, but it is one of the more effective cloud burners.