Browser Problems (Firefox)

I use Firefox if I want to watch Netflix movies on my Windows computer.

The other day I started Firefox and up came a window with a blue line and tiny Firefox logo but everything else was blank.

I fiddle fumbled around with that for a while and got a message that some profile file was missing or not found.

Apparently this is not an unknown problem. A search on the internet showed others having the same problem. The only thing missing was an official fix from the Mozilla folk. They did offer a beta version of a stand alone profile manager. By using that manager and bringing up Firefox in safe mode I was able to make Firefox work again. This was after I spent a day uninstalling and re-installing various versions of Firefox without success. I also disabled various add-ons without effect.

Evidently uninstalling Firefox does not nuke all the Firefox files. Previously selected options and bookmarks were still in place in the various reinstallations. I was glad not to have to reinstall bookmarks from backup but I also made a note to manually cleanse the drive in case I wanted to rid my system of Firefox in the future. Firefox uninstall does not do a complete uninstall.

Another interesting fact is that as Firefox has grown larger with more features, add-ons have also increased in number with most of them offering to interfer with the new features offered in new revisions of the Firefox software. Apparently some new features put privacy at risk. The add-ons offer to restore the lost privacy.

Since I have no interest in Firefox other than needing it to watch Netflix movies, I certainly don’t need all the new features in the latest release. I particularly do not want to take time and resources to add software add-ons to allow me to disable features that I did not want in the first place!

Not interested in bloated software offering features that I would later have to add even more software to disable those features, I decided to go back to the earliest version of Firefox that would allow me to use Netflix.

I installed that earlier version of Firefox and installed the stand alone version of the profile manager in the Mozilla Firefox folder and the new installation of Firefox automagically started working again without need for stand alone profile software intervention.

Until something else quits working I am going to call that good and leave well enough alone.

I don’t like surprises and I don’t like people fiddling with my computer or software without my knowledge. If you feel the same way, you might want to disable automatic updates. That is, disable automatic updates on add-ons as well as Firefox. I assume you have already denied access to Microsoft for their experimentation with updates on your computer.