Parts Radios

I see more and more ads offering ‘parts radios’ usually at unrealistically high prices. To a buyer, a parts radio is a non-working chassis duplicate of a non-working radio he has which needs repair. His hope is that the ‘parts radio’ contains the part he needs and that the needed parts are still good. The seller merely wants to retrieve the last thin dime from a bad investment or operator error.

If the subject radio died of natural causes, the ‘parts radio’ most likely suffered the same fate. I other words, the parts that are bad in the radio needing repair are most likely bad in the ‘parts radio’ as well and the buyer has a good chance of becoming the proud owner of two broken radios.

It could be that the ‘parts radio’ quit working right after its operator applied reverse polarity power to an unprotected circuit. In that case the smoke was let out of most of the components that made the radio work and we have a ‘parts radio’ full of bad parts. In any case, chances are pretty good that the ‘parts radio’ is not repairable, at least not by the seller since he has obviously given up on it.

By ‘repairable’ I mean that it would take less time and resources to fix the broken radio than it would take to buy a new one. If the time and resources to repair cost more than a new radio, you should not be playing with ‘parts radios’

Parts radios are not entirely worthless. They all have parts that are not smokeable. For instance, knobs. I have never seen anyone talented enough to let the smoke out of a knob. Most average radios may have up to a dozen knobs worth at least fifty cents each. That is a total asset of $6 maximum and that is all you should ever pay for a ‘parts radio’. Then all you have to worry about is if it is worth the shipping cost to find out how much damage was done to the ‘parts radio’ to make it quit working. You know it will be double boxed, properly packed and treated well so it won’t get damaged in shipping, right?

There are few things less rewarding than paying good money for someones trash and paying extra on top of that to have it shipped to you when it should have been given a decent burial at the sellers location.

There is a huge difference between trash collecting dumpster divers and trash buyers. You don’t want to pay for trash and end up having to dispose of it later at additional cost.