Why Windom

I wanted an all band antenna. That is why I chose a Windom. It is pretty much all band but works best on 40,15,12, and the upper part of 10 meters. I have a beam for 10 and 15 and never get on 12 meters so I end up using the windom on 40 where a dedicated 40 meter antenna might be better.

So I am modifying my Windom into a 40 meter loop. Still keeping the 4:1 balun as long as the SWR remains decent. The present feed point is close enough to a vertically polarized delta loop and the impedance should be close to 150 ohms. That comes out to about 2:1 for 75 ohm coax and 1.3:1 for 50 ohm coax. We will just have to try it and see what we get.

Half wave for 3.5 mhz is full wave for 7.0 mhz. It should work out pretty close and this will be the first time I have a 40 meter delta loop with top apex at 60 feet.