All Band QRP Rigs

I see quite few of these jewels on the used market. Previous owners are asking about 80% new price which tends to discourage buyers. Why would I pay up to 80% of the new price of someones discarded play toy? Why not buy new for just 20% more and get a new rig warranty along with real mint condition fresh from the factory?

Perhaps a better question is, ‘Why pay almost $1000 for a transceiver and accessories that can’t guarantee reliable communications’?

I admit that at times QRP might be fun to play with but the fun is not there when the QRP rig costs more than $200. For $1000 you can get a real radio that you can use for serious communications.

Evidently these would be sellers of used QRP rigs have recognized this fact and are hoping to recoup as much of their bad investment as possible.

Unfortunately most prospective buyers are not interested in paying the freight on a strangers silly mistake. Most used radios are seldom worth more than half their new purchase price regardless of age or condition.