You may already know that reasonable cost factory radio repair does not exist. Read on for proof.

If your radio acts up or stops working and you can’t fix it yourself, your best bet is to sell it as an as-is non-working parts radio and buy a new one. Maybe, this time, select a brand that is less likely to fail.

Here is why this is your best option.

If your radio was made by one of the big three (ICOM, Yaesu, Kenwood), good luck. Even if you do get an rma chances are the radio will be shipped back to you with a note that they could not duplicate the problem. Of course you will be able to duplicate the problem and the rig will join the many offered for sale after just having been to the factory and serviced. You can compensate the round trip shipping and $100 evaluation fee with whatever some poor fool pays for your nightmare radio.

Why do they do this, you ask. Because you are one of thousands in a nich market of toy hobby radios. The manufacturers don’t make any money repairing. The make money selling. They also know you will most likely buy another of their radios since you have already demonstrated that you don’t have the ability to repair the one you have.

I know of two personal experiences with radio problems. One involved an Omni-D. It was sent to the factory for service. They replaced two electrolytics and a resistor. The repair charge was $250 plus round trip shipping. At the time the radio was worth $500. The total cost of the service came to close to $300. A sick Omni-D could very likely have fetched $250. Add that to the $300 that was wasted and you would have had half the price of a new and more capable rig.

The second horror story involves a portable rig that got fried by a power supply failure. it was sent to the factory for repair. The factory promised repair after five weeks due to a backlog. Less than a week after they received the radio, they called back and declared it unrepairable. They implied that there might be some surplus boards available to replace the bad ones in the radio but the boards in the original radio were beyond economical repair.

A few days later I got an email from their sales guy offering me a replacement radio for 75% the cost of a new one, or I could pay them for three hours of technician time at $100 an hour. No mention was made as to disposition of my broken radio but they did declare that the replacement radio was only warrated for six months.

My first inclination was tell them to stick it where the sun does not shine.

After I declined their offer, they offered to reassemble my busted radio for an additional $100. This was getting close to ass kicking time!!!

I ended up talking to someone in sales that had a brain. I explained that I had no problem paying a tech $100 an hour as long as he was worth $100 an hour. A person who takes 3 hours to conclude he cannot repair something is only worth $30 an hour.

So I ended up losing a total of $160 for round trip shipping and worthless tech help.

I also have a pretty good idea why the factory used radio only carried a 6 month warranty. They buy the boards from a board manufacturer (possibly off shore) who gives them a 12 month warranty. The boards in the radio they were offering me were already six months old hence the six month warranty.

This may also explain why this radio is available as a no-solder kit. The soldering is done in a reflow furnace by their board manufacturer. Surprisingly, the radio is also available as a factory assembled radio at $100 more than the ‘kit’ price.

I have no problems with the radio. It is/was superior in all respects. I do have a problem with the sort of nonsense their sales guy tried to pull. Having lost all respect for this manufacturer I look forward to not having to do business with them in the future.