The rig is so good, it is used by DXpeditions

So goes the sales pitch for a well known amateur radio manufacturer. To be fair, that radio is superior to most. It is sensitive, selective and can be used in crowded RF environments. Why it can even resist blocking interference from a ham next door running full legal limit. Is that really what is needed on DXpeditions?

DXpeditions go to remote locations, are assigned rare call signs, and operate where they are the only radio signal for many miles around. They don’t need special super equipment to make contacts because hundreds of distant hams are going to be falling over themselves for contacts with their rare calls and distant locations. These DX enthusiasts will be using high power and directive antennas to push as much signal as possible toward the DXpedition. The DXpedition is not going to have any trouble hearing them. So what is the real reason DXpeditions prefer that particular radio?

Turns out that the company making the claim offers their radios to DXpeditions free of charge!