Well, on the recommendation of an acquaintance I tried openSUSE 11.1.

Slick install as far as the graphics went. Sort of like Microsoft stuff but without the congrats and promise of fun ahead.

The first thing openSUSE asked for was permission to activate some swap space. Okay no problem, I let it activate some swap space. Then when it came time to copy software to the hard disk it tells me there is no space on the hard drive. HuH?

So I check the hard drive, it is only a 10gig drive, and it turns out the dummy assigned all 10gig to swap space. Things went from bad to worse from there and I finally stored the installation DVD in a very safe place.

Could be I am the dummy. Could be the hard disk was not large enough or I did not have enough memory or the hardware was too out of date or any one of a number of additional problems that are usually solved before installation by reading the minimum system requirements listed on the cover of every operating system box I have ever used. Every one except the openSUSE system. It did not come in a box. It was downloaded off the internet and the minimum system requirements could not be found.

Now I hope the installation DVD will also never be found again either.

Life is too short to waste time on buggy or user unfriendly software.

I have been doing computers for 30 years now and this is the fifth time I have run into problems with system installations. In all but two of the five cases the software was a new ‘enterprise’ release by some big-shoot firm of Linux software that had been working just fine before it was ‘enterprised’ Had problems with RedHat, Mandriva, and now openSUSE.

Sure glad God made Debian.

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#1 admin on 02.18.09 at 2:48 pm

Ah, yes, as I had suspected, I was trying to install a really new and featurefull OS on some obsolete hardware. At least as well as I can figure it out, that is what happened.

Now I need to research and find out if I actually need all those featurefull features that are offered. That has not happened in the past but I keep and open mind to new stuff. Open at least until it starts to try and rip me off.

So, I will try again when I have newer hardware that might benefit from this OS.

That might not happen for a while.