Drake Case and Cover Screws

Now that I am completely done with the upgrades, mods and repair on both the R4C and T4XC, I figured it was time to install the screws connecting the bottom cover and top covers to the main chassis of each piece of equipment.

Takes #6-32 pan head, black oxide, plain slot, machine screws that are 1/4 to 3/8 inch long. Need 24 of them, 12 per radio.

I found lots of screws on the internet (pun intended). One outfit had the exact type of machine screw needed and was willing to sell in box lot quantities. Trouble was their ‘boxes’ held 10,000 screws and cost over $100. Not a prudent solution.

After a search of the ‘junk box’ I did find several dozen nickle plated, phillips head, 6-32 machine screws of sufficient length to do the job. They are now doing the job.

Not original but they actually look better. At least now you can tell if the screw is installed because they show up very clearly with their bright silver finish.

All I need to do now is find spares for the tubes used in these two radios and I will be set for quite some time to come.