Cheap Computers

I just found a 10 bay computer case with 480 watt power supply for around $30. Last week I bought a pentium 4 MB with IDE and SATA and USB for $40. PC-3200 memory for the MB is going cost around $30 for a 1gig stick. Probably want a DVD drive that reads AND writes. That is another $20. Keyboard at $10 and mouse at $5. Oh, and a harddrive at about $50.

MB has on board video, sound, nic, usb, sata, and ide. So that is it, a basic computer for….lets see…30+40+30+20+10+5+50..= $185 total.

Or you can buy a basic X-Box for close to the same price.

Oops, I forgot the CPU. Wonder what a 1.8gig pentium 4 sells for?

Ah-ha, Intel Pentium 4 at 2 gig, refurbished, sells for $11.50 bringing our total to $196.50.

That is less than I paid for two 8k memory boards for my S-100 CPM system in 1980!!

Of course before we put our money down we might want to see what ‘refurbished’ means. We might also want to consider the cost of a monitor. Hard to tell what is going on without a display. If we are willing to settle for a CRT based monitor we might get one for free. Anyone for dumpster diving?

Rats, I forgot the operating system. Well, Debian Etch would do a bang-up job for free. I hear they just release Debian 5.0 too.
Or we can go with XP but that is going to add another $200 plus to our $196.50. No, you don’t want Vista. Not enough hardware of the right kind (expensive) in this deal. Actually, you don’t need Vista but I can see where most users would be more comfortable using XP. So our final cost is going to be around $400. Buy this stuff on the internet from the Geeks and you can avoid paying tax in the purchase. Shipping is going to be around $20 or so.