Trap Vertical

Can’t see the forest for the trees. Once again I am reminded of why we have such curious expressions.

After researching for a few days on the subject of trap vertical antennas, I suddenly realized that I had the equivalent of two of them rolled up and sitting in a box in the attic.

For years I have been proclaiming the usefulness of my homebrew trap dipole design. It is a 40 meter dipole with 40 meter traps and wire extension from the ends of the traps to allow resonance at 3.97mhz. A good 75/40 meter antenna and a passable all band antenna. Well, a trap vertical is nothing more than half a trap dipole stood on end.

One half of this trap vertical is 55 feet long. Just a little tall for a self supporting tubular structure. However, we can add a loading coil to the base and a capacity hat to the top letting us get by with about half that 55 foot length.

Sounds like the start of a project. Just the thing for the winter months. A vertical to try 40/80 meter DXing.

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