Collins 30S-1


This unit is all original and in pristine condition. Not a scratch on the original finish anywhere. Electrically, mechanically, and cosmetically, it rates a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The unit sits on a specially constructed hardwood, four wheel, dolly allowing its 160 pound mass to be easily moved around the room. The dolly is included in this sale.

It is currently set up for 120vac operation. It is recommended that be changed to 230vac operation. A power cord, with plug, for 230vac operation is included.

Comes complete with original manual and the military version of the manual.

Accessories include a special 20.5 foot RF input cable, fuses, ALC matching transformer spares and 230vac, 10 foot line cord.

The output coax connector has been replaced with a standard SO-259 but the original connector is included. It uses solid state 3B28 rectifiers in the power supply. Otherwise everything is factory original except for the 4CX-1000. The 4CX-1000 is esentially new with only 100 hours of use.

As nice as this equipment is, it belongs in a Collins station. This amp is the only Collins equipment at this location.

Price is $2000 cash with buyer responsible for pickup in Richardson, Texas. Serious buyers may also, see, operate, and test this amp at its Richardson location prior to purchase. SOLD.

I am keeping this page on the 30S1 to remind me of what a really clean and decent amp looks like.


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#1 Rene Morris on 06.29.07 at 11:23 am


Thats a very clean amp. I bought one a couple of years ago and
it is all original except someone removed the HV rect fil xfromer,
the ceramic sockets, and replaced them with the K2AW (?)
microwave oven style diodes. I intend to return it to it’s factory condition.
I am curious what the SSB power out is when driven as instructed
in the manual in fully stock condition. I would think that with the
rated 1000 watts input you should get around 600 to 700 watts out.
I have not had a chance to run mine yet so I was hopeing you could tell
me how yours performed. Any info would be appreciated!

Thanks and 73,
Rene Morris

#2 admin on 06.29.07 at 11:37 am

I was getting 700 watts out on CW key down. At the time it was running off a heavily loaded 120vac circuit. It was being driven by a 100 watt output IC-737 but it did not need anywhere near 100 watts to get full output.

There is a slight modification out to increase the screen grid voltage to the 4CX1000. As originally designed the screen voltage to that tube was reduced to keep the amp within the 1kw limit. Now that we can run more power that screen voltage may be increased to run more power.

OF course in order for that to work, you need to have the input power available. Such availability may need running off 220vac.