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I Don’t Think

Those three words instantly disqualify the speaker from expecting any respect, credibility, or attention.

Hardware or Software

When troubles start most engineers will blame the software, most programmers will blame the hardware. Which is right?

Neither is right. They just are both lazy so they blame something out of their realm of responsibility. They act like politicians. Who?, me?, I wasn’t even there when the s–t hit the fan.

You have to trust your own conclusions based on the facts. The real facts. Facts that you can see and evaluate.

When software that runs on other equipment without incident suddenly goes bonkers in your machine, it is probably not the software. Even if it is your machine alone that goes bonkers. As long as it was working correctly at some time with the software it is running now, it is probably not the software.

That is how I was able to find and identify a bad hard drive and some bad system memory (RAM). The hard drive was not dead but developed some bad sectors. Being more than then years old it got trashed. Same with the memory. The memory was not all dead but had enough stuck bits to not be able to read what was written. Symptoms similar to buggy software but it was definately the memory because when it was replace the problem dissappeared. No not in as in a magic act as in, ‘Look! the elephant dissappeared. It just friggin dissappeared.

No, the problem went away and stayed gone for the better part of a week with the machine running around the clock.

So the next time the engineer tells you it is software, or the programmer tells you it is hardware, take a look yourself. Especially if it is your machine or your investment.

Lost Mind

When someone accuses you of having lost your mind, just tell them:

Its not lost. I know exactly where it is. I just don’t bother to use as much as I used to. Gives me a headache.

Then see what happens. You might be elected to office.


Funny is in the ears of the beholder and the brain in between.

Lots of things I deem funny are just stupid catty comments to others. That is okay. I have learned to ignore the static and interference.

Recently we left on a shopping trip to a local grocery/dry goods store. Sort of a country store with a suburban flavor. After we got gas….for the car….we found a place to park that was right up front, close to the store entrance, right next to the cripple slots. Wow! Such luck.

My better half could not help but voice her pleasure. ‘Wonder why this prime parking space is unoccupied”.

Without even thinking my reply was, ‘Maybe because no one is in it’.

Catty comment. Indeed, but this time it struck her as funny.


Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. All you need is money.

Used to be you could buy a sixpack for $1.30, but that was back in the 60s. Now it is more like $6.50 for a sixpack. Oh well, everything else is higher too. Everything except the income.

Back in the 60s I drank beer every chance I got, which was not all that often. Back then, when asked, we told people we drank beer because we liked the taste; wink, wink. The real reason was because it contained alcohol and got us high. What a deception at such an early age. It was only by the grace of God that we did not all turn out to be politicians! Or alcoholics. Or, God forbid, alcoholic politicians!!

Back then it did not matter what brand. The cheaper, the better. They all contained alcohol and after the third can it did not matter if it was a premium brew or the cheapest panther piss we could find. It was all good.

How times have changed. Today the panther is still pissing beer but the price is up close to $20 bucks a case. For two dollars more I can get REAL beer!

I first tried Shiner. I like their family reunion assortment. The following month I decide to try the Samuel Adams assortment. WoW! I like the boston lager the best.

For the first time in my life I am proud to say I really do like the taste and no; wink, wink, about that!


Compressed Natural Gas. This stuff has been around as long as gasoline. We are told it is 40 percent cheaper than gasoline. So how come hardly anyone uses it? Is the conversion to CNG expensive? Is it as safe as gasoline? Wasn’t there a town on the east coast that got blown away when a tanker carrying CNG blew up? Since there is no refining involved, how come it is only 40 percent cheaper? Will it still be 40 percent cheaper after everyone has been converted to use CNG?

Maybe that 40 percent is because it is not taxed as heavily. I understand that gasoline carries about 80 cents per gallon state and federal tax. No point in taxing CNG because hardly anyone uses it.

Hey, here is an idea; we will put masts and sails on our cars and let the wind push us around. Make that Pickens guy proud.


When are people who go through life with broken moral compasses, going to realize that the rest of us simply ignore them when they speak of things which they consider inappropriate.

When you have nothing to tell you what is appropriate, you have no chance at all of guessing what might be inappropriate.

As always it becomes a matter of the black pot calling the black kettle black.

Fighting Spam

I am no longer really bothered by spam. I have upgraded to an email client that is smart enough to recognize spam and keep it out of my in-box. Sometimes it filters out messages that are not spam but those messages I want come from people that know how to get them to me. Those who don’t, really do not matter anyway.

Okay, so now I have a special ‘spam’ area which fills up with crap on a regular basis. Perhaps up to 100 messages per day. I do not have worry with them because they are not costing me anything. I do not have to read them. Just ignore them and they will go away. Quite literally, they are deleted on a regular basis automatically.

Still, I would like nothing better than to do as much damage as possible to folk that feel a need to send spam. So here is an idea that I am sure is not entirely new.

Spam is illegal. There are laws against sending spam. Some of these laws may have their own special definition for spam, but there are governmental enforcement activities designed to target spam, spammers, and fraud. How about we help them do their job!

If my email client is smart enough to filter out spam, it should be a trivial task to program the client to dispose of spam in a more creative way. Like forward it to enforcement agencies tasked with fighting spam and doing so automatically without need for user intervention. I do not need to be fighting spam when my computer can do it for me. After all, spammers use computers to do their dirty work, what better way to fight them than to use their own tactics.

So, spammers beware! You are being watched. Best of all, I don’t have to do anything special to make that happen! Your spam is automatically sent to the enforcement agency. It is like you are directly sending this crap to the feds and begging them to come get you for being a spammer!

An Asylum run by the Inmates

Woke up this morning about 7:30 thinking I had plenty of time. Woke up again around 8 and realized it was really 9. I did get to talk to my normal 9am sched on 75 meters. They are fine and say hello.

We talked about what we would do with all the daylight we were saving. We finally decide the best thing to do was to turn off the lights and go back to bed. Made more sense to save electricity than daylight

Had a dream that I was attending a McCain rally. I could tell it was a McCain rally because it was raining and everyone was crying. Even McCain was crying. The entire crowd was circled around a hole in the ground. At the bottom of the hole lay a coffin that had a ‘Free Speech’ banner pasted across it.

After I woke up I began to wonder what an Obama rally would look like. Lots of happy, delerious folk talking about how they were changed. Everyone was 29 years old or younger. Some felt so good about it they passed out unconcious (drugs?). Used to be they had money. Now all that was changed and everyone was dirt poor. No more crime and envy. With everyone poor there was no need to be unhappy about someone having more than you. You gave all your money to Obama and he provided change. Glorious change! There was not a wet diaper to be found on anyone anywhere.

Then I thought about a Hillary rally. She was surrounded by deleriously happy people too. They were all happy because they had free health insurance. No health care just insurance, but you didn’t need health care because no one got sick anymore. They all had health insurance that modified their behavior so they did not get sick. Those that did not feel well did not feel well for long. Without health care they died. Everyone was dirt poor too because they had to pay up front for the free, mandatory, health insurance.

Still working on a Bush rally. With his superior view of reality, economic genious, and military strategery its going to take some particularly creative writing to pin him down.

And now for something completely different. Welcome to the tower of babble. Or is it the babbling tower of power?

# Choose Language
# Auto
# English (US)
# English (UK)
# Deutsch
# Español
# Português (Brasil)
# Português (Portugal)
# Français
# Italiano
# Nederlands
# Polski
# Svenska
# Norsk (Bokmål)
# Suomi
# Dansk
# Български (try to say that 3X real fast)
# Hrvatski
# Magyar
# Slovenský
# Slovenščina
# Українська
# Tiếng Việt
# Ελληνικά
# Íslenska
# Bahasa Indonesia
# Català
# Český
# Eesti keel
# हिन्दी
# Lietuvių
# Română
# Русский
# Filipino
# Hebrew
# Arabic
# Bahasa Melayu
# Latin

Or just press 1 for Mexican and 2 for English.

Never knew that ‘Auto’ was a language. Don’t recall pulling that one out of my rear. Perhaps it fell out on its own.

Land Line

While visiting my daughter and her husband this last week I began go to question the need for a normal telephone. A landline as we used to call it.

My daughter and her husband have been in the process of moving to a new house. New to them anyway. The new house does not have normal telephone service. Yet both of them do not seem to have any trouble ‘staying in touch’ on their cell phones.

I do not have a cell phone and they assure me that soon they will have normal phone service so I can use the ‘landline’.

I am beginning to think that instead of opting for ‘landline’ service, it may be time for me to get a cell phone too. It is fairly obvious that a normal telephone connection is redundant when you have a cell phone.