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Invisibility Suit

I recall how neat is was to see the alien in Terminator to pop in and out of view using his invisibility shield (or whatever it was called).

Before long our military will be able to do just that.

Sony has developed a thin flexible TV screen that can be worn like a t-shirt. All that is needed now is for someone to develop one that can be worn as a uniform.

New Energy Sources

Here is some information of a speculative nature with undertones of conspiracy theory suspicions.

It catagorizes some of the more exotic (and impossible) sources where one might find energy. It gives a little history and expounds on topics like Telsa’s inventions, Cold Fusion, Permanent magnet motors, and other interesting and speculative playthings.

Pluto Doges a Bullet

So reads the headline. Visions of a large, floppy eared dog running from a barage of cartoon bullets being shot from a cartoon tommy gun.No, this story was dealing with the recent discovery that astronomers dont know what a planet is. No, this is not a scientific discovery, it is more a discovery that current scientists may not understand the concepts that old scientists have formulated.

So now we are treated to confusion and nonsense about how sientists are adding more planets to the solar system. HUH!? Yeah, they just pull them from where the sun dont shine and sling them into orbit around the sun.

The news of this is presented as though science controls the universe. No one seems to realize that it is the other way around. Those celestial bodies have been there from time immemorial. Just because astronomers did not see them did not mean they were not there. So how is it that scientists are being given credit for the existance of previously undiscovered heavenly bodies?

As I see it, the only credit that scientists deserve is credit for being wrong all these centuries.

Wonder what other theories and ‘laws’ are flawed.

Hydrogen, the New Energy Source

Oh really!!?? You just go down to the local corner hydrogen station, fill the tank, and drive off. We know we cant do that today but what about the future?

We do know for a fact that hydrogen is clean burning, no-poluting, its only bi-product is water when it is burned. Isnt that enough to qualify it as the fuel of the future?

True and it sounds promising but where are you going to get the hydrogen. There are no hydrogen wells or hydrogen mines or hydrogen deposits. About the only way to get hydrogen is by disassociating water. That is, running a current through water that has been made conductive to break it down into hydrogen and oxygen.

Okay, no problem, just plug a hydrogen generator into an outlet and go. Where is the electricity going to come from?

Electric company, right? No, they cant burn hydrogen to make steam to make electricty to make hydrogen to make more steam to make more electricity.

You dont need a very fine pencil to figure out that hydrogen is a very expensive fuel indeed. Indeed, that is all that hydrogen is, a fuel. A fuel as opposed to an energy source. It takes energy to make hydrogen. In making hydrogen all you are doing is converting one energy source into a different energy source. While that is good, it does not qualify as creating a NEW energy source.

Now if you use a real sharp pencil you might also discover that electric power plants cannot use hydrogen to make electricity because it would be far too expensive. No, they would be using coal, or gas, or gasoline, or oil, or wood to make affordable electrical energy that someone else can use to make hydrogen.

So all we have done is increase the need for electricity enormously and we still have all the potential for polution we had before all our vehicles started using hydrogen.


Is the late, great, lavishly funded, organisation showing signs of decay?

Launch postponements are begining to raise eyebrows. First off, dont schedule a launch if you are not ready. From the events of the last two weeks, my guess is that NASA is never going to be ready.

Dont they check equipment before moving it to the launch site? Evidently fuel cells and fuel tank sensors are immune from equipment checks.

So where are we now? We have fuel cells that dont work and no one knows why. We have fuel tank sensors that are evidently unrepairalbe because as I recall it was fuel sensors that delayed the last launch. We have glue that no longer works to keep insulation from falling off fuel tanks or tiles from falling off the shuttle. We have a space program that is suceptible to lightning, supidity, poor planing, and may soon loose funding as a result of loosing confidence.

Ask yourself, would you fly on a plane maintained by todays version of NASA? Neither would I.

Isn’t Science Wonderful?

The numberous devices and methods that make our lives better have become necessities. All of these wonderful devices have been made possible through scientific discovery. At times we even go so far as to credit scientific discovery with their very existance.

We should realize that scientific discovery is just that, discovery. Science does not have the power to create. The mechanisms science has discovered have been there for eons.

Three thousand years ago people did not travel by air, send expeditions to the moon, or worry about automotive gas milage. However, the physical mechanisms that allow those modern day convieniences did exist three thousand years ago. It was just that people did not recognize their existance.

Just because something is not recognized does not mean it does not exist.