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Cooking with GAS

If you have ever done any cooking on a stovetop, have you ever wondered why a gas stovetop seems to cook so much better than an electric? I have.

I think I now know why. Gas heats by flame. The gas flame engulfs the pan or cooking untensil imparting heat by direct contact.

An electric cooktop heats by having the utensil be in contact with a heating element. There is heat all around the element but for maximum heat transfer the cooking utensil needs to be very flat so as to make as much contact as possible with the heating element.

Not so with gas. The heat is in the flame and the flame can conform to any shape. Hence you get better heat transfer which results in better, more predictable cooking results.

Topics Galore

If you have ever been frustrated as a member of an email reflector that had a strict ‘off topic’ policy, this blog may be for you.

This is a place that welcomes off topic posts.  Comment on anything that is of interest to you.  Who knows, it might be of interest to others as well.

Keep it clean.  Be curteous and tolerant of others even if they exhibit moronic behavior.  Just remember, being moronic is not a career goal for most people.  It is a passing phase of inexpllicably poor behavior to which none of us are immune.

No, you dont need to press 1 for English.  English is prefered. Good spelling and decent grammar are also welcome.