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PC Problems

I know. Why do I even use a PC? Go with Apple or Linux and forget all the other nonsense. Well, I have some stuff that Apple does not support. Like Netflix downloads.

Last week I decide to take Microsoft at their word and finally install all the security updates to my XP professional + SP2 operating system. (professional? What a joke that is! over 100 updates and three major service packages and counting. What amateurs! That is why they have to claim professionalism. You would never guess they were professional by their actions.)

Right after installing the updates, I started having trouble with my Hauppague PVR-250 card. WIN-TV2000 became flakey. Flakey to the point of finally causing the computer to reboot repeatedly.

Virus? MS updates? No, bad video card. I replaced the new fancy video card with a known good older card and the system healed itself.