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Formating USB Memory Sticks

As delivered most USB memory is formatted to FAT32. This is done because FAT32 ensures maximum portability. FAT32 also limits file size. Try copying a 4+gig file to a FAT32 device. You will get an error message telling you the drive is full even if it is empty. This is because your file does not fit into the maximum file size allowed by FAT32. You need to format to NTFS to solve this problem.

Here is how to format the USB drive to NTFS.

For XP go to Device manager, select drives, identify and select the USB drive, right button select on mouse and go to Properties. Select Policy while in properties and click on max performance. Exit.

Go to my computer, select USB drive. right click to properties and select format. Open format selections and select NTFS. Format.

Note that the properties window from ny computer does not have the policy option. you have to use the properties window arrived at from decice manager.